Next-Generation Debt Collection Software for Utility Companies

Manage outstanding accounts receivable with ease, ensuring effective
communication and compliance with industry regulations. 

You shouldn’t have to train your software provider on the legal process. Our software provides communication strategies and software which delivers seamless and effective outreach—allowing you to focus on providing legal services.


Streamline Account Recovery

Simplify your recovery processes and optimize your consumer
communications with WayThru.

Effectively communicate with consumers at every stage of the collection process.

Efficiently manage media and files on a per-account basis, ensuring thorough recording of every event.

Deliver personalized messaging and automated reminders through various communication channels.

Monitor and store all customer communication in one place, including calls, text messages, emails, and letters.

Let us handle your collection communications so you can focus on your business

Our team is here to support your debt recovery needs. Contact us to learn more about our proven strategies and start unlocking the full value of your inventory.


Unlock the Value of Delinquent Accounts

Maximize your recovery efforts and engage consumers directly with WayThru’s software.

Full Account Lifecycle Communication

Personalized Messaging

Machine Learning-Driven Strategies

Account Quality Scrubs & Controls

Omnichannel Outreach

Codified Compliant Strategies

Secure Data Protection

Seamless Media Managemen

Comprehensive Reporting

Real-Time Updates

Comprehensive Reporting

Machine Learning-Driven Strategies

Communication Preference Hub

Codified, Compliant Communication

Effective and compliant communication is key to building customer loyalty.


Every digital marketing communication includes a simple opt-out method, compliant with FTC and CAN-SPAM requirements.

Historical SMS, calls, emails, and letters are monitored and stored within our system.

Consumer emails and phone numbers are scrubbed for quality before being considered for outreach

Opt-outs are captured both with our technology partners and our own database to create redundancies, preventing any inadvertent communication.

Emails and text messages are sent within permissible hours, and consumers and agents are able to completely manage what channels—and even what time of day—they would like to be contacted.

Our codified application of 7-in-7 ensures regulatory compliance.